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  • We are one of the first Refineries in Russia in the past 10 years that have been run privately by administrators appointed by the state, independent of Vertical Integrated Oil Companies.

The Company Has Built an Enviable Reputation

We are one of the first Refineries in Russia in the past 10 years that have been run privately by administrators appointed by the state, independent of Vertical Integrated Oil Companies..


The company considers her employees a competitive advantage and our greatest assets.


Vologodskii stakeholders are our partners to who we pledge to deliver operational excellence, disciplined management of capital and log term value.

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Always updated, technology innovation and services through long lasting and mutually rewarding relationships.

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Our materials come from tried and trusted suppliers that meet our exacting standards of quality control.

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Expand Manufacturing Business

In 2016 the Vologodskii NPZ has coped with production of a new product – high-octane gasoline for the 98th K5 euro. Now the Gidrokrekinga Mazuta Plant and the Joint Plant for Production of Gasoline Dynamic Accessories are under construction at Oil refinery.

Expansion and growth

Vologodskii NPZ have processed 27.5 million tons of crude oil which is 5.4% more, than in 2013. At the same time the Vologodskii NPZ has processed 15.3 million tons (increase by 1.7%) and 12.2 million tons (increase by 10.3%) of crude hydrocarbons, respectively, in 2014. In 2014 Oil refineries of the Company have produced 4.1 million tons of motor gasoline (increase by 1.5%)..

Increase in Oil Processing.

In 2013 oil processing of the full Company of volume has made 26.1 million tons according to the Business plan which is 1.7% lower, than the indicator of 2012. Vologodskii NPZ has improved 15.05 million tons (reduction by 1.5%), and the Mazyr Oil refinery - 11.08 million tons (reduction by 2.1%) of hydrocarbons. Motor production of gasoline at oil refineries of the Company has decreased by 1.7% and has made 5.0 million tons..

Growth in Oil Production.

Processing volume at the plants of Vologodskii NPZ was 21.6 million tons which is increase by 5.6% against 2011. The Vologodskii NPZ processes 15.3 million tons (increase by 3.4%), and JSC Mozyrsky Neftepererabatyvayushchy the plant – 11.3 million tons of hydrocarbons (including secondary capacities) which is 8.6% higher, than the last year's indicator. Motor production of gasoline at the oil refineries of the Company meaning 5.1 million tons has increased by 12.8% against 2011..

Recorded Growth.

For the reporting period the oil processed by Branches of the Company has made 25.2 million tons and has increased by 10% in comparison with previous year. Vologodskii NPZ, and Group has processed 14.8 million tons of hydrocarbons (increase by 3.3%), JSC Mozyrsky Oil refinery – 10.4 million tons (increase by 20.8%). Significant growth in processing of volumes at the Mazyr Oil refinery has been caused by the increased oil resources to Republic of Belarus from Russia and Venezuela. In 2011 production of gasoline at Oil refineries of the Company has increased by 1.8% and has exceeded 4.5 million tons..

22.9 Million Processing.

The volume of processing of oil for the Company in general was 22.9 million tons which is 7% lower than indicators 2009. Decrease in processing of oil has been caused by the planned main reorganization of some units of process at the Mazyr Oil refinery and the reduced oil resources from Russia to Republic of Belarus because of change in conditions of foreign economic activity. In 2010 the motor volume of fuel made by the Vologodskii NPZ has increased by 2% and was 4.4 million tons..

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