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Vologodskii NPZ seeks to guarantee open and transparent procedures of implementation of purchases, to expand a circle of participants and to increase quality of the bought goods and services. To achieve these objectives, our Company has put back the system of acquisition for the choice of the sellers using various competitive methods. We chooses contractors for stock / work / service accessories on the basis of opened or closed rates / tenders; these contractors undergo the Procedure of Accreditation. Details of stock / work / service procedures of implementation of purchases are published in the territory of the Company in the corresponding sections. The potential contractor has to report the Procedure of Accreditation to participate in procedures (tenders and rates) of stock / work / service acquisition for the satisfaction of the requirement of Vologodskii NPZ.

Product sales by road tanker loading
Products are sold by road tanker loading (Russia Federation only)

Sales of Euro-5 standard diesel fuel are carried out through District of Vologda network of filling stations.
Product Sales by Freight/General Export
Manager for Sales and Export: Pavlovsky A. Alexei

Product sales by rail tanker loading
​Department of Logistics and Sales Vologodskii Oil Refinery (NPZ)

General Line
Vologodskii Oil Refinery (NPZ)


Gryazovets District, Lenin Ul, 47, 162000, Vologda Oblast, Russia Federation
INN: 3509009379 KPP: 350901001 BIN: 1083529000972 ​​